Detailed executable file information

Parsing the internal contents of executable file formats.

The site will allow you to get a detailed analysis of the internal structure of the following formats of executable files:

Portable Executable (.exe)

Headers: DOS, NT, File, Sections and Optional.
Directories: COM, Debug, Import, Export, Resource.
Common Language Infrastructure

Portable Executable

Android Package (.apk)

Dalvik executable, resources

Resources (.arsc)

AndroidManifest.xml and android XML

Android Application Package

Dalvik executable (.dex)

Header, MapList and Sections


Executable and Linkable Format (.so)

Header, String Tables, Symbols and Sections

Executable and Linkable Format

Java Virtual Machine byteCode (.class)

Header, constants, interfaces, fields, methods, all attributes

Java bytecode

    Due to the limited internal storage, the lifetime of the file on the server is fixed.